Loom Solar 500 Watts off grid solar system for home with 4-5 hours backup


with 5 Years Warranty

Product Summary

A 500 Watt off-grid solar system is designed to give power supply for 4-5 hours to 2-3 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load up to 650 Watts.

If you are living in a City or  where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 1.5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.

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Main products 

Solar Inverter – 1100 VA (1 nos.)

Solar Battery(C10) –  150 Ah (1 nos.)

Solar Panels – 540 Watt (180 watt mono PERC * 3 nos.)

GI Mounting Structures – 3 Panels Stand

DC Wires – 15 meters Pair

Connectors – 3 in 1 and 1 in 1



Government of India does not offer any subsidy on off grid solar systems.

running load

Up to 650 watts of power with combination of – 2 Ceiling Fans, 10 Led lights, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

backup time*

Load 500 W 400 W 300 W 200 W 100 W
Duration 2 hrs 10 mint 3 hrs 4 hrs 30 mints 7 hrs 30 mints 18 hrs 30 mint


Technical Details

inverter model NXG 1100
inverter capacity 1100 VA
efficiency Inverter – 97%, Module >16%
module type mono-crystalline
battery included yes
standard installation included no
Installation package Panel stand, 10 meter wire along with connectors, excluding fixing and wiring.


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